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website maintenance services?

Website maintenance services help a business run smoothly. It encompasses keeping websites relevant and updated. Website maintenance also includes checking websites for any issues that may be affecting its functionality, or may affect its functionality at some time in the future. When websites are in a prime running condition, it works nicely towards engaging and retaining consumers. As page rankings are higher when website maintenance is done in a requisite manner, it helps a website meet its purpose. Websites that aren’t updated frequently risk being de indexed by Google. Similarly, website maintenance keep a website secure against cyber attacks. It helps build a professional corporate image and attracts the right kinds of consumers. The services bring peace of mind for business owners.



Our plethora of web maintenance services is varied yet comprehensive. A client can go for the services that meet his requirements in the best possible way. Our services are customized for each client and we are dedicated towards client satisfaction and high performing websites.


Performance Checkup

At Digital Landmark, our maintenance checklist is end-to-end. An automated CRM system monitors each of the performance monitoring activities. SEO performance of websites is also monitored and changes are made with white hat SEO practices. We keep our systems transparent and report all developments to our clients. They are empowered to see the measurable results of our website maintenance services for their websites.


Tech Support

Along with website maintenance services our tech support team makes sure that your websites keep running and exhibit prime functionality 24/7, 365 days. Our auto ticket management service enables you to connect with us at any time you desire. We communicate via email, phone call, or chat-support. Most of the tickets are resolved within 24-48 hours.


Fixes and Enhancements

With our regular checkups, enhancements, software updates and patches, your website stays bug free and runs in a prime condition. Irrespective of whether the issue arises from the core or third party plugins, we are well equipped to work upon it. Issues are resolved on first ticket and top priority without delays.


Content and Backup

At Digital Landmark, we are dedicated towards safety of your data and content. Prior to all important updates, we take a full system backup. Backups may be taken on demand as well and are safely stored over server and had disk. Risk of cyber hacking, data loss and data discrepancy is mitigated.


Functionality Check

Functionality check is a quintessential part of our website maintenance services and keeps the website operational in the best possible ways. Websites overcome SEO related issues such as bad redirects and broken links. This enables them to maintain a high SEO score and perform high on search engine rankings.


Hack & Virus Proof

With our security implements, client websites are safeguarded against all intrusions, hacking, phishing attempts, data threats, viruses and malware. We resolve client issues on priority in the event of any cyber threats. We correspond with the clients at all times while their systems are 100% free from virus or intrusion, and are secure.

We are Experts in
Managing websites on your behalf

We thrive in the experience, talent and refined expertise of our technical team to troubleshoot all issues with your website. Beyond routine maintenance activities, clients can connect with technicians and raise tickets to make sure the issues are resolved on priority.

  • Initiate

    Our website maintenance services get started with the CRM system, wherein we make one time changes that ensure higher security and performance for your website. A complete backup of the website is taken.

  • Project

    We secure your website against cyber threats and fine tune its functionality with use of various trending technologies. We verify the results and make sure that website credentials, databases and coding are fully secured.

  • Update

    We update the website with plugins needed by clients, or the ones that are required for an improved performance. Our activities are transparent and clients have a choice at going for any of the maintenance services that we offer.

Smooth running, flawless and high performing websites with

An Exhaustive Website Maintenance Checklist

We keep the website maintenance checklist comprehensive to ensure that websites deliver an all round performance and a flawless functionality, delivering a competitive edge for brands. Our processes are implemented methodically and the prevailing pain points are addressed first of all. Following that, we initiate work for fine tuning the website. When a website is in a prime working condition, it works nicely for clients and end-users alike. Business owners are able to attract the targeted customer cross section, while end users’ data and sensitive information stays secure. Enterprise grade websites with hundreds of pages require more maintenance as compared to single page websites. They must be managed accordingly. Dearth of website maintenance may bear a reflection upon a business’s success. We offer website maintenance services remotely and on-site, systematically on a weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly basis. Business owners are sure about their website’s performance and are empowered to focus upon business critical tasks.


Drupal Website Maintenance


Wordpress Website Maintenance


Magento Website Maintenance


PHP Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services
Made Hassle Free

We offer website maintenance services such that they stay in a prime working condition to attract and engage consumers, accentuate branding efforts and result in higher lead conversion rates and ROIs.

  • Blog maintenance

    We keep your blog updated with trending posts that keep consumers engaged. Blogs are updated at a frequency requested by clients.

  • Content Optimization

    We keep website content optimized to meet all digital marketing purposes. It helps deliver maximum outcomes for your efforts. Prevailing and fresh multimedia elements are optimized.

  • News & Events updates

    Our web maintenance services are ideal if you frequently update news and events over your website. With properly maintained websites, customer engagement and retention is assured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is website maintenance?

A: Website maintenance refers to the ongoing process of updating, improving, and managing a website to ensure it remains secure, functional, and up-to-date.

Q: Why is website maintenance important?

A: Website maintenance is important to ensure that the website remains functional, secure, and up-to-date. It helps prevent website downtime, improves website performance and user experience, and reduces the risk of security breaches and other issues.

Q: What are some common website maintenance tasks?

A: Some common website maintenance tasks include updating software and plugins, backing up website data, optimizing website performance, fixing broken links and errors, and monitoring website analytics.

Q: How often should website maintenance be performed?

A: The frequency of website maintenance depends on the website's complexity, size, and functionality. However, it is generally recommended to perform website maintenance at least once a month.

Q: What are some tips for effective website maintenance?

A: Some tips for effective website maintenance include regularly backing up website data, keeping software and plugins up-to-date, monitoring website performance and analytics, addressing security issues promptly, and conducting regular website audits.

Q: What are some tools that can help with website maintenance?

A: Some tools that can help with website maintenance include website analytics tools such as Google Analytics, website backup and restoration tools such as UpdraftPlus, website security tools such as Wordfence, and website monitoring tools such as Pingdom.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid in website maintenance?

A:Common mistakes to avoid in website maintenance include neglecting to regularly back up website data, failing to keep software and plugins up-to-date, ignoring security issues, and neglecting to monitor website performance and analytics.