Improve customer experience with a user-friendly store locator, enabling easy discovery of the nearest location for a seamless connection to your brand.

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About Premium Store Locator Shopify App

Effortlessly enhance foot traffic and sales with our easy-to-install Shopify store locator app, designed for unlimited store locations. Premium Store Locator Shopify App directs customers to your physical stores, dealers, or distributors seamlessly across desktop, mobile, or tablet using Google Maps and directions and provides valuable analytics. Gain insights into which store locations garner the most searches and traffic, empowering you to make informed marketing decisions for optimal traffic and sales boost. The Premium Store Locator seamlessly integrates with any Shopify theme, offering full customization of design and colors through CSS, allowing you to add locations worldwide easily.

  • Add unlimited locations, bulk upload locations with a CSV file/spreadsheet
  • Easily search for stores by location/postcode/store name/product name/tags
  • Add location detail page, connect products, add meta tags, tracking code
  • Multi page layout & map style, custom CSS, bulk import & export stores

Features of Premium Store Locator App

Easy Integration

Offers easy integration, streamlining the process for a hassle-free experience

Responsive Design

Ensures optimal viewing and functionality across various devices for a seamless user experience

Detailed Store Information

Detailed insights into the store locations to enhance customer’s shopping experience

Customizable map designs

Allows you to create personalized and visually appealing maps that suit your preferences

Search and filters

Efficient browsing experience tailored to your specific preferences

Integration with Ecommerce

Empowering your online store with our robust and user-friendly integration solutions

Multi location support

Allows you to effortlessly manage and coordinate operations across various locations

Interactive map

Offers a dynamic and engaging way to discover and navigate through key points of interest

Backend management

User-friendly interface to effortlessly control and optimize

Custom Fields

Capture and manage information uniquely relevant to your business or individual needs

Direction and Routing

Provides accurate and efficient guidance to your location

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Premium Store Locator

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Customer Review

Bedgasm sleepwear


Google Map Store Locator for Shopify is a game-changer! It seamlessly integrates Google Maps to help customers easily locate stores. Not only does it enhance user experience by providing accurate directions, but it also boosts sales by driving foot traffic to physical stores. Stellar customer support from team helped us setup the plugin quickly. Highly recommended.

December 19, 2023

Bahaara by Divya and Saloni


Fantastic Plugin! Our experience with the Premium Store Locator for Shopify has been nothing short of amazing. It seamlessly empowers us to elevate our customer experience by offering a comprehensive list of global resellers and distributors directly to our website visitors. This brilliant alternative to the standard store checkout adds a new dimension to our online shopping experience. Highly recommend for any business looking to enhance customer engagement and streamline the buying process!

December 6, 2023

Pricing Plan



1 store location

6 Map styles

4 Layouts




The FREE plan +

Up to 100 store locations

Find the store by product/location/distance

Filter Tags



The STARTUP plan +

Up to 2500 store locations



The PRO plan +

Category based listings

Up to 10000 store locations

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Frequently Asked Questions


You can easily Add, Edit & Manage your locations by following the given steps: Login in to your Shopify Admin > Premium Store Locator > Locations From here, locations can be added/edited/removed.

Yes, locations can be uploaded in bulk. You can follow these steps: Login in to your Shopify Admin > Premium Store Locator > Locations > Import from here A sample CSV sheet can be downloaded and used as a template to create the CSV for the bulk import.

Yes. This option can be turned on by following these steps: Login to your Shopify Admin > Premium Store Locator > Go to Settings > Auto "Find my location"

Yes. Once the Store Locator is active, users can search on the basis of location or store names from the frontend.

Yes. Filters can be added as per the tags created for stores.


Certainly. Layout can be customized using custom CSS by Shopify theme itself.

Yes. Different map icons can be set in admin by following the given steps: Login to your Shopify Admin > Premium Store Locator > Settings > Map style > Marker icon.

But this option is only visible when clustering is Disabled.

Yes, the plan can be changed anytime. Just follow these steps: Login to your Shopify Admin > Premium Store Locator > View plans And change your plan from here.

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