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Data Entry Services

Data entry vastly involves feeding a data of a specific kind into the computer. At times, specific software is utilized for data entry, and data entry operators are well equipped to use such software. Data entry work is undertaken when an enterprise is looking at changing the format of any information or data. The final information is data in the desired format. The formats may be names or addresses, computer codes, number sequences, spreadsheets or handwritten documents. There are times wherein conversion of information requires highly precise skills. Hence data entry is a work which is best outsourced to experts in order to deliver the best results. Confidentiality of information is an important issue in data entry services, the selection of partner-company for outsourcing the services must hence be made judiciously.



With professional data entry services as delivered by The Digital Landmark, an enterprise discovers a change in the way business is conducted. We make our services available irrespective of whether an organization needs to manage a gigantic direct mail program or is looking to organize a huge pile of physical documents.



Our data entry services are versatile and go on to encompass online and offline data entry, and data entry for mailing lists, catalogs, images, databases, text and numeric data, surveys, questionnaires, company reports, printed and handwritten sources, white pages, manuals and legal documents. Services offered include indexing, sorting, editing, pasting and copying.


File Transfer Methods

In most cases, file transfer is either in the format of scanned images - as BMP, Tiff or Jpg, or hard copies – as papers, documents and directories. With a large FTP storage space that we facilitate, file transfers are never an issue at The Digital Landmark. It is made to be faster and more reliable.


Double Key Data Entry

We avail double key data entry method to deliver the accurate work within stipulated timelines. With our infrastructure and technology, we keep our Data Quality Control system error-free. This is combined with world class operating methods to deliver superior solutions for your data entry requirements.


Single Key Data Entry method

Quality control department at The Digital Landmark forms the very backbone of our existence. We have a team of highly proficient and well qualified data entry auditors and quality analysts in our staff. As per client recommendations, we cross check our work to keep the quality of services world class.


Turn Around Time

Lower TATs turn out to be advantageous for clients, along with prime quality services and best prices in the industry. Quality and quick TATs are assured for each assignment that we undertake. TATs are subject to client preference and may be reduced upon client request. Daily and weekly assignments are the norm.


Quality Checking Process

For each of our data entry projects, client requirements are always at the top priority. While meeting deadlines is very important, we never compromise over the quality of work and maintain 100% accuracy. Our quality control procedures follow a tiered approach, keeping the operations and results error free.

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Best in the class data entry services

Our commitment to world class quality services is facilitated by our QC team that gauges quality parameters in line with client requirements, or customer critical performance measures. Prime metrics are critical performance measures, productivity, and overall process capability.


    With our in depth process knowledge, expertise and working experience in providing world class services, we have a good know-how over all aspects data entry.


    Our team consists of dedicated staff with vast working experience. With our training programs, we keep their skills sound and up-to-date.


    We are able to efficiently and diligently process a large amount of data. This enhances productivity and streamlines processes for client’s organization.

Perks of outsourcing

Data entry services to us

Data has the strength within it to transform businesses. It is best utilized when entered efficiently. It is more than just copying and pasting data that data entry comprises, and the real skills for the same lie beneath the surface. Familiarity with terminologies is essential for data entry. Attention to detail brings precision and efficiency to the processes. Skills such as accuracy and good typing speeds come of use as well. It is difficult to find a team with such skillsets in house. Hence outsourcing data entry services to The Digital Landmark simplifies the processes for businesses. It makes day to day working more efficient and boosts performance. Outsourcing data entry services to The Digital Landmark lets businesses focus on their core competencies. We deliver accurate results in minimum turnaround times. Outcomes delivered by us are in a highly useful format, ensuring success for businesses.


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Data Reporting and Analytics Solutions

Data Security concerns
Addressed effectively

Data security and privacy are serious concerns for organizations in the cyber age. At The Digital Landmark, we meet client concerns by maintaining full confidentiality of the data and keeping the transactions secure. This ensures complete peace of mind for the clients.


    The data is available for access only by authorized personnel. Logon/logoff procedures ensure that data is available for authorized personnel only.


    Data access and transfer is through VPN and FTP only. Our workstations are highly secure with the latest of antivirus programs and firewalls in place.


    Security measures are regularly audited and monitored. For all power failures and shortages, power backup is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is data entry?

A: Data entry is the process of entering and processing data into computer systems, databases or spreadsheets. It can include tasks such as entering customer information, financial data, inventory details, and other types of information.

Q: What are the skills required for data entry?

A: Some skills required for data entry include typing speed and accuracy, attention to detail, proficiency in computer software such as Microsoft Excel, knowledge of data entry and processing software, and good communication skills.

Q: What are the common tools used in data entry?

A: Some common tools used in data entry include spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, data processing software such as Python or R, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, and document management software.

Q: What are the different types of data entry?

A: The different types of data entry include manual data entry, online data entry, offline data entry, image data entry, form-based data entry, and document data entry.

Q: What are some tips for improving data entry accuracy?

A: Some tips for improving data entry accuracy include taking breaks to avoid fatigue, double-checking data before submission, using data validation tools, organizing data input, and being consistent in data entry format.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid in data entry?

A: Common mistakes to avoid in data entry include typing errors, skipping or missing data, inputting data in the wrong field or column, failing to use data validation tools, and not double-checking data for accuracy.

Q: How can data entry be automated?

A:Data entry can be automated using technologies such as OCR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These technologies can help automate tasks such as form filling, data extraction, and data processing.

Q: What are the best practices for data entry?

A:Best practices for data entry include following data entry guidelines and standards, verifying data accuracy, using data validation tools, keeping data confidential and secure, and maintaining data integrity.